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Postdoctoral position: Agriculture & Environmental Sciences

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The College of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences UC is looking for highly motivated and talented researchers, with a background in Agricultural, Biology, Ecology, Environmental Economics, Engineering and the like, to apply for the Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (FONDECYT Postdoctoral 2023).

P. Universidad Católica de Chile is an institution with a global reputation for research and teaching. Recently, the QS Ranking ranked UC as the Chilean institution with the highest number of disciplines among the best in the world and ranked it fourth in Latin America.

 Interested people must complete the requirements at the following PostDoc on line form or write an e-mail to Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo..


Research Projects


Académica/o Patrocinante Tittle of the research proposal Disciplinas científicas
Abarca Oyarce, Romina Coating systems as an antibiofilm solution for the dairy industry Food processing and technology.
Ayala Zapata, Marlene Phenotypic and molecular characterization of advanced sweet cherry selection generated in Chile Fruticulture & Pomology; Genetic improvement; Postharvest
Ayala Zapata, Marlene Effect of microenvironmental variables in sweet cherry orchards using plastic covers on water efficiency and tree phenology. Fruticulture & Pomology; Fruit physiology
Bonacic, Cristian The effects of Rattus rattus on temperate rainforest biodiversity Animal Ecology; Emerging diseases
Brossard, Natalia Effect of tannin-protein aggregates on astringency sub-qualities of red wines Agronomy; Enology; Food Oral processing
Cortés Hinojosa, Galaxia Virus discovery in Chilean pinnipeds Animal Health; Biology and evolution; Molecular Ecology
Dettleff, Phillip Effect of environmental stressors on the gonadal biology of the red sea urchin. Aquaculture; Molecular biology; Animal health and production
 Donoso, Guillermo Water use efficiency and its determinants to promote sustainable water use on agriculture Natural resource economics; Agrarian Economy; Agricultural production systems
Engler, Alejandra Investing in conservation agriculture: understanding the underlying factors of farmers´ behavioral preferences Agrarian Economy
Escobar, Sebastián Unraveling the melanocortin system´s role in the Atlantic salmon melanosis Aquaculture; Molecular Biology; Animal Stress
Godoy O., Liliana Non-conventional yeasts and their bioprotective role during winemaking Enology; Food processing
Mardones, Fernando Domestic animals population management in Chile Veterinary Epidemiology; Veterinary Medecine; One Health
Mardones, Fernando Epidemiology of infectious diseases in aquaculture Veterinary Epidemiology; Veterinary Sciences; Aquaculture
Melo, Oscar Development of a model of economic behavior of farmers facing a drought Agricultural Economics; Environmental Economics
Miranda, Marcelo D. Chilean Mediterranean Forests under climate stress Climate Change; Forest Dynamics; Remote sensors
Moreno Switt, Andrea One Health for the study of antimicrobial resistance and  foodborne pathogens Animal Health and Production; Microbiology; Food Safety
O'Brien Opazo, José A. Transcriptional regulation of auxin signaling in response to abiotic stress Vegetal Biology; Molecular Biology
Rojas, Isabel M Design and evaluation of landscape sustainability indicators to plan restoration under multiple drivers of global change Forest ecology; Spatial analysis; Spatial planning
Rosales V, Marlene Antiphage Defense Systems in Xanthomonas campestris pv campestris, the causal agent of the Black root of brassicas Phytobacteriology; Phytopathology; Seed production
Schwantes, Daniel Dissipation of pesticides in fruits and vegetables Environmental Chemistry;Sustainability; Agrochemistry
Schwantes, Daniel Adsorption of contaminants using alternative activated carbons. Environmental Chemistry;Sustainability; Agrochemistry
Schwember N., Andrés Identification of genes and molecular markers associated with tolerance to abiotic stress in durum wheat and Chilean beans Plant breeding; Vegetal Biotechnology; Crop Production
Zaviezo, Tania Use of native flowers for the conservation of beneficial insects in fruit crops Entomology; Ecology; Agriculture
Zaviezo, Tania Pheromones for the control of mealybugs (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae) in fruit crops Entomology; Chemical Ecology; Agriculture